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VeraFlow FAQs

Why is stretching important?

Stretching is a totally natural thing - just think about the first thing you do in the morning, and when you get tired!

It's much more enjoyable to live without pain in our bodies. Tension and knotted muscles make moving around difficult and painful. There is no need to suffer from muscular pain!

Stretching helps to maintain your range of motion allowing you to go about your every day life free of hinderances. You will become more in tune with your body and your body confidence will improve.

It can also correct postural issues too.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches people to be aware of the here and now, to enjoy this moment and to avoid the anxiety of worrying about the past and future. Mindfulness and Meditation uses prac- tical exercises to benefit anyone suffering from stress on a physical, mental and emotional level. There is no religious belief or involvement required. 


How do I know if someone is a licensed VeraFlow instructor?

All licensed VeraFlow instructors are listed on this website.

If you cannot find someone please check that you have their name spelled correctly before contacting us at

What is the difference between a class and masterclass?

A Class is a regular class taught by a VeraFlow Instructor, a VeraFlow Pro or a VeraFlow Master.

A Masterclass is a one-off event taught only by a VeraFlow Master.

All legal VeraFlow classes and masterclasses as listed on this website. If you are aware of VeraFlow classes and masterclasses that are not listed on this website please contact us at Thank you!

How can I report someone who is teaching VeraFlow without the license?

Thank you for being so vigilant.

You can write to us at

Please supply us with as much detail as possible. 

Can I get REPs points?

VeraFlow courses are not endorsed by SkillsActive. You can check out why on our blog.

You can still claim 4 REPs CPD points for attending the training course by selecting 'other' when logging your points.