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VeraFlow Master

Have you got what it takes?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to take their career to the next level by becoming a presenter - a VeraFlow Master. 

Of course this does not mean that everyone who applies will be accepted. There are many factors to take into consideration including location.

If this is something you aspire to, we admire your ambition and we would love to receive your application!

What does being a VeraFlow Master mean?

VeraFlow Masters are able to teach VeraFlow Masterclasses as well as our workshops and training courses.

They are the only people entitled to represent our brand at events and conventions. It is our expectation that VeraFlow Masters continue to support and grow our program by promoting it as much as possible within their assigned territory.

They contribute to our program by choreographing new VeraFlow routines and creating awesome online training content for our instructors. They also participate in the forum, supporting others and write for our blog.

What do we look for in VeraFlow Masters?

Other than the ability to teach an outstanding VeraFlow class, VeraFlow Masters need many other skills which include admin, networking, organisation, social media, writing and more. 

Being a fitness presenter can look like a glamorous job but there is so much more to it than turning up for a masterclass or training course and teaching the day.

We want people to become part of our team who embody the brand. This means we looks for genuineness, authenticity, integrity, friendliness, supportiveness and other character traits that will support and build our community. We are very keen for people to join us who are hard workers and also have a vision which is able to fit with ours. We want our VeraFlow Masters to grow in their own knowledge and also be willing to share that and input into the program.

What is the process to become a VeraFlow Master?

After teaching as a VeraFlow Instructor for at least 6 months (we calculate the time from when your classes are listed on this website) you will be able to take the VeraFlow Pro training course. You will be able to apply to become a VeraFlow Master after at least 6 months teaching VeraFlow classes at the Pro level. At this point you will see a pod appear in your account dashboard which invites you to apply.

After we receive your application we will review it and you may be asked to attend an interview and audition. If you are accepted to become a part of the VeraFlow Master team you will then begin your training and get exclusive personal time and attention from Naomi. You will only be able to schedule Masterclasses and Training courses once you have been signed off.

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