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VeraFlow Pro

The VeraFlow Pro training course is for licensed VeraFlow instructors who have been teaching VeraFlow classes for at least 6 months. If you want to learn more and also have the chance to create your own routines then this is the training for you!

How it works

You must be a licensed VeraFlow Istructor and have been teaching VeraFlow classes for at least 6 months. We calculate this time from your classes as listed on this website.

What`s Included?

- Online theory training

- Online practical training

- Live training day with a VeraFlow Master

- Certificate


- The VeraFlow Pro logo will appear next to your name and classes

- You will be able to submit your own choreography videos through your dashboard for review by the VeraFlow Master team. Once approved you will be able to teach those in your classes

- After 6 months as a VeraFlow Pro you will be eligible to apply to become a VeraFlow Master. For more information on this check the VeraFlow Master page.

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