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VeraFlow Training Page :: VeraFlow

Learn more about our workshops and training courses to take your learning to the next level


The VeraFlow Basic Workshop is for anyone who wants to learn more about stretching. You do not need any prior knowledge to attend this 1/2 day workshop. You will not be able to teach a VeraFlow class after attending this but you will have a much better understanding of stretching and how to modify the positions to suit your body and your level of flexibility.


The VeraFlow Instructor Training course is the starting point for anyone who wants to teach the VeraFlow program. Following the online training and passing the live day you will be able to teach classes and then progress your career to eventually apply to become a VeraFlow Master if you wish.



The VeraFlow Pro training course is for licensed VeraFlow instructors who have been teaching VeraFlow classes for at least 6 months. If you want to learn more and also have the chance to create your own routines then this is the training for you!


VeraFlow Masters have a very important role to play within the VeraFlow program. If you aspire to join our master team you can apply after teaching VeraFlow classes for at least 6 months as a VeraFlow Pro. Find out more information about becoming a VeraFlow Master and the responsibilities by clicking through on the link above.