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VeraFlow FAQs

How do I find a VeraFlow class near me?

1. Click on 'Classes' in the website menu

2. Enter your post code, town or city and click on search

3. Review the results and go experience a VeraFlow class!

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Check with the instructor but you may need to bring a yoga mat (or similar).

You may want to bring a small towel and some water.

Why is stretching important?

Stretching is a totally natural thing - just think about the first thing you do in the morning, and when you get tired!

It's much more enjoyable to live without pain in our bodies. Tension and knotted muscles make moving around difficult and painful. There is no need to suffer from muscular pain!

Stretching helps to maintain your range of motion allowing you to go about your every day life free of hinderances. You will become more in tune with your body and your body confidence will improve.

It can also correct postural issues too.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness teaches people to be aware of the here and now, to enjoy this moment and to avoid the anxiety of worrying about the past and future. Mindfulness and Meditation uses prac- tical exercises to benefit anyone suffering from stress on a physical, mental and emotional level. There is no religious belief or involvement required. 


What are the pre-requisites?

VeraFlow Basics workshop

No pre-requisites


VeraFlow Instructor training course:

Level 2 Exercise to Music/Exercise Movement Dance or equivalent; or

Dance Teacher qualification; or

Pilates instructor qualification; or

Yoga qualification; or

Personal Training qualification with experience teaching group fitness; or

Sports science degree or similar with experience teaching group fitness; or

Massage therapist qualification or similar with experience teaching group fitness


If you are unsure if you hold the relevant qualification please email to ask us.


If you do not meet the pre-requisites above you can take our entry-level Dance Fitness Instructor Qualification. Check it out here.


VeraFlow Pro training course:

Teaching VeraFlow classes for at least 6 months as a licensed VeraFlow Instructor

How much is the license fee?

Yearly at £120 (works out at £10 per month)

Quarterly at £40 (works out at £13.33 per month)

Monthly at £17


Yearly at USD 185 (works out at USD 15.42 per month)

Quarterly at USD 62 (works out at USD 20.67 per month)

Monthly at USD 26


Yearly at AUD 260 (works out at AUD 21.67 per month)

Quarterly at AUD 86 (works out at AUD 28.67 per month)

Monthly at AUD 37


Yearly at Euro 165 (works out at Euro 13.75 per month)

Quarterly at Euro 55 (works out at Euro 18.33 per month)

Monthly at Euro 23

How long does the online training take?

Answering your questions...

How long does the online training take?

The online training to become a VeraFlow Instructor consists of videos and worksheets (there are also transcripts and audio files of the videos for those who prefer to learn by reading or listen whilst driving...!)

There are 8 theory modules plus the stretches to go through and learn so you're looking at about 8 hours (depending on your speed of learning and current knowledge). You can of course spread this learning over as many days as you need.

The online training prepares you for the live day which is lots of practical work.
Here's what Karen - a recent course attendee - had to say about the online learning:
"I thought the online training really prepared me for the training day and helped me absorb more from the actual training as I already had a knowledge of VeraFlow."