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EXCLUSIVE FREE veraflow class

Experience the class for yourself

Is flexibility training something you know you need to get into your schedule regularly but you struggle because it feels like it isn't something you need to do or even enjoy doing?

I'll show you that...

🔥 stretching doesn't have to be boring & you can actually enjoy stretching 🤯


🔥 you can do some of those crazy-looking poses IF it's explained to you in the right way


🔥 Yoga is NOT the only way, and you don't need to be all woo-woo to get some peace in your life


Naomi Di Fabio

Class-creator extraordinaire, dancing diva and your personal cheerleader (Too much? 😆)

I went from teaching hi-lo aerobics to working for the biggest fitness lifestyle brand in the world - Zumba - to creating my own concepts and training instructors in London's best boutique fitness studios.  

I'm here to make sure you find success in introducing a holistic workout to your schedule.