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VeraFlow FAQs

Will you send me the music?

We do not send out music files or CDs. We will provide you with the track list as well as the full playlist on Spotify.

How do I list my classes?

1. Login to your account

2. Click on 'Add a class' in your dashboard

3. Complete all the information

4. Click 'save'

N.B. As per your license agreement you must list all your VeraFlow classes on

How can I access the playlist?

1. Login to your account on

2. Click on 'Links + Marketing' under 'Resources' in your Dashboard

3. Locate the relevant playlist under 'links'

4. Click through to Spotify

5. Make sure you have enabled the 'Available Offline' option so that you can play directly from your device at class

Where can I find the license agreement?

You can read a copy of the license agreement here.

How can I cancel my license fee subscription?

1. Login to your account on

2. Click on 'Change Subscription' under 'My Account'

3. Select 'Cancel'

N.B. From the moment your current subscription period ends you cannot teach VeraFlow classes or call yourself a VeraFlow Instructor. Please see your license agreement for details.